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SayoriHimeko MashimaNico YazawaMoca Aoba
Homura AkemiDeuce SpadeArisa IchigayaLisa Simpson
AmethystTaiga AisakaAsuka Ninomiya
Smokey QuartzMeulin LeijonMashiro Kurata
Pinkie Pie

Important notes!

✰ I sometimes talk in portuguese

✰ I kin for fun and as a coping mechanism and I take it mildly serious (extremely serious with Ran)

✰ What I say here are my own opinions, experiences and thoughts about myself and my own life and feelings, you don’t have to agree with them or feel the same way I do, and if I say something that applies to you and comment it in a bad way, I’m definitely talking about me and offending myself /srs

✰ Fiction is extremely important to me, it’s my biggest escape and comfort

✰ I talk about my favorite characters a lot!! (mostly ayato) since they're my biggest comfort

✰ I have depression, anxiety, (currently suffering from chronophobia and derealization), self hatred and Peter Pan syndrome/complex (Please please please never tell me to "grow up", even as a joke).

✰ I forget things really easily so please forgive me if I don’t remember something you’ve told me or if I repeat something I’ve already said

✰ It's okay for you to interact (reply to/like my posts) but I might take a while to reply depending on how I’m feeling

✰ You'll see my mental breakdowns and I normally don’t tag tws (if it's something specific I'll tag it such as my derealization crisis)

✰ If my vents get “too much” or triggering to you, please do soft block, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable

Please tag animal death/abuse, overall death related topics, mentions of growing up/aging/time passing, the nazi swastika and nazi related topics, real apocaliptic scenarios/questions related to what would someone do in a catastrophy/apocalipse and "we live in a simulation" type of posts. You can tag them as "luna don(')t look", LDL/ldl if you’re running out of characters, or just what the post has